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Interested in Becoming an Authorized Distributor?

Warrior Chip™ is constantly looking for qualified companies to represent our brand, both domestically and abroad. Your company has worked for years, if not decades, to develop strong relationships with your clients; and it is our belief that you should continue to maintain that relationship by providing them with new and innovative products like the Warrior Chip™. We are the only company in the world offering custom military poker chips in various shapes and sizes such as the 1.75”, DOG TAG, OCTAGON-X and PENTAGON Warrior Chip™.  With a full sales, customer service and design staff able to meet your customer’s expectations in quality, dependability and communication, we can handle any volume.

If you feel your company has an established clientele who could benefit from the Warrior  Chip™ product line, we would like to hear from you. Contact Us for more information.