Artwork & Design

The Design Process is the most crucial element in ensuring your final product renders the correct images, colors and measurements.  Warrior Chip’s designers are well versed in understanding the color spectrum and how it translates in our printing process.  This knowledge allows for optimal color output and clarity in the final product.  Other “knock-off” companies continuously struggle with optimizing this process due to inability to understand the relativity of the color process transferring from the screen to the printer and finally the finished product.  Offering more sizes, shapes and options than any company in the world, Warrior Chip™ takes pride in every design.  Submit your artwork, logo, designs and/or sketches for a complete quote or to answer any questions you may have.

Warrior Chip™ breaks the design process down into 3 Stages.  The customer enters the design stage after the order is submitted and payment is received.  Due to the high volume of orders, we prioritize your project based upon the date your payment is received.  Your initial draft design will be sent to you within an estimated 48-72 hours and revisions are made typically the same business day (or 24 business hours) of when you respond with any minor revisions. 

Stage 1 : Concept (Input from Customer)

Stage 2 : Draft Design & Revisions

Stage 3 : Final Product

* The images displayed are high resolution digital images and the colors may vary depending on the type of of monitor you are viewing the files from.  The final product will differ slightly than what is seen on the computer screen due to the matte finish and absorption factor of the ceramic material.  Dimensions provided are approximate, for exact dimensions please ask your sales representative.