The Warrior Chip™ – Custom Military Poker Chips

For decades, Challenge Coins have been used to prove unit affiliation and instill a sense of pride and motivation for members of the respective unit(s). Into the early 21st Century, the only known process to manufacture Challenge Coins was to create an expensive and complex mold to produce the metal coins. Although metal coins are a traditional symbol of military history, they are expensive, heavy and have long production requirements.

A Warrior Chip™ (aka Ceramic Challenge Coin) is military poker chip made of a ceramic polymer chip that embeds graphics, pictures and/or logos directly into the material. Warrior Chips come in a variety of sizes (1.50″, 1.75″, 2.00″ & 2.50″); however, the 1.75″ Warrior Chip™ is the standard size being exactly the same size as a standard metal challenge coin. The 2.00″ (2 inch) Warrior Chip™ is the elite chip, aka “Commander’s Coin”, it is larger & thicker than the standard 1.75″ Warrior Chip™, and provides greater detail over a large surface area.  The 1.50″ (39mm) ceramic poker chip is typically reserved for “poker chip” sets, ideal for retirement, farewells and other special occasions.   Recently, the PENTAGONDOG TAG and OCTAGON-X Warrior Chip™ have been added to the product line up and are only available exclusively through WarriorChip.com and/or its authorized distributors.

The Warrior Chip™ design spectrum is limitless; you can custom design your own chip or have us do it for you. There is no per color charge like with metal coins and you can have different images on the front and back as well as a custom image/text on the thin edge (side) of the chip. Since the images are embedded directly into the ceramic, a Warrior Chip™ will not peel, fade or scratch.

As in the military, communication is key to our success in providing you and your unit with superior quality challenge coins. We will not leave you on the battlefield empty handed and are committed to responding to your request(s) with 24 business hours while producing high quality proofs within 1-2 days after receiving all required artwork and payment. Warrior Chip’s production timeline is typically within a week of receiving the approval on your design proof, but may dependent on quantity, size and/or shape of your project.

Not only are Custom Military Poker Chips the ideal alternative for military challenge coins; they are great for police departments, SWAT units, K-9, corporate, non-profit and hundreds of other applications.