The Evolution

The EvolutionCustom Military Poker Chips

Throughout the last decade, “custom military poker chips” were occasionally used by the military as an inexpensive token to mark a special event. These chips were mostly made out of a cheap quality plastic or clay material with a label that could peel off. In 2006, Warrior Chip founder, Gunnery Sergeant Campbell, USMC (Ret.) founded the parent company, The Poker Depot and as the name states, started producing chips for casino’s, poker rooms and specialty markets like the military. The one main advantage Gunny Campbell had was that the chips were made of ceramic and the image was permanently embedded into the chip.

In 2009, Gunny Campbell developed a totally new kind of “ceramic poker chip”; it was now identified as a 1.75″ ceramic “Challenge Chip™”. While Gunny’s ambitious vision was to provide a suitable alternative to traditional metal coins, he believed that this new size chip would revolutionize the challenge coin industry. Gunny knew he had to come up with an identity for this chip; a name that inspired, something that was for Warriors, by a Warrior, representing him and those who presented it, it was then where the “Warrior Chip™” brand was born. Since then, Warrior Chip™ has grown by leaps and bounds producing more “Challenge Chips” in a month than all the “knock off” companies combined sell in one year. In 2011 and 2012, Warrior Chip™ added the PENTAGON and DOG TAG Challenge Chip™, respectively, to its ceramic arsenal.  In late 2012, the OCTAGON-X replaced the “baby” octagon and now has 40% more surface area for high resolution images.