Warrior Chip is a USMC Official Trademark Licensee

Warrior Chip is a USMC Official Trademark Licensee

TAMPA BAY, FL (February 26, 2012) – Warrior Chip™ now holds an official U.S. Marine Corps trademark license, making it the first and only company to offer USMC licensed ceramic challenge coins.  With the procurement of this licensing, it has been determined by the USMC Trademark and Licensing Office that Warrior Chips are in compliance with the Marine Corps design and manufacturing guidelines. Until now, only traditional metal challenge coins have been offered in officially licensed USMC designs.  With this license, Warrior Chip will be able to offer officially licensed USMC ceramic challenge coins to patriotic patrons worldwide. 

Obtaining the Marine Corps licensing means a great deal to Warrior Chip founder, Gunnery Sergeant Donald Campbell, USMC (Ret.) who has been working closely with the USMC Trademark and Licensing Office since introducing the 1.75” Warrior Chip to the market in 2009.  Campbell noted, “I am proud to be the only company able to offer officially licensed USMC ceramic challenge coins.  People have been asking me for them since Day 1 and I have made it my personal mission to make it happen.  It is a dream come true.”  Prior to obtaining the licensing, Warrior Chip had focused its product line on custom designs based on individual requests. 

Officially licensed USMC Warrior Chips are currently in production.  Their unique and vibrant designs will have broad appeal to Marines and USMC enthusiasts.   Customers can expect the same high-quality product that has been synonymous with Warrior Chip to date.  It is expected that the exclusive line of USMC licensed Warrior Chips will be available for retail sales on WarriorChip.com, Amazon.com, Ebay.com and in military exchanges. 

According to the USMC Trademark and Licensing Office website, “The best way for consumers to support the U.S. Marine Corps when they’re purchasing merchandise is to only buy from companies holding official licenses.”  Look for the exclusive line of officially licensed USMC Warrior Chips to be available for purchase within the next several months.

Warrior Chip™ is the premier company recognized internationally for military, law enforcement, governmental agencies, corporations, and individuals who seek the highest quality ceramic challenge coins.  Known as the Next Generation Challenge Coin™, Warrior Chips are lightweight, durable, fully customizable and affordable.  For more information on Warrior Chip, visit www.WarriorChip.com.